The Vegan Huntress


Modern paganism is influenced by the spiritual practices of pre-Christian Europe, where the practice of hunting was glorified. How do I reconcile this with my vegan lifestyle? Read more:
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Well, I started out crafting a post about Yule and how I spent last Sunday night, but as happens so often to writers, things took an unexpected turn. It’s not so much that writing this post went somewhere I didn’t expect; it’s that my Yule itself went somewhere I didn’t expect – plus every time I sat down to write this entry, a whole new point in the argument opened up. Because on Sunday, instead of having a regular, run-of-the-mill pagan Sabbat celebration like so many others before it, I ended up confronting the very deep question of how I, as a vegan, can continue to be so devoted to a spiritual path that revolves around the glorification of hunting, something I greatly disapprove of.

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A Retrospective On Mercury Retrograde


A Retrospective On Mercury Retrograde. Read more:
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Before I talk about Mercury retrograde, I just have to stop and acknowledge this: my little baby site is all launched and up and running! I can hardly believe it.

When I set out to build the Lost Lemurian three months ago I never dreamed it would take this long to complete. It has actually taken longer than three months. Closer to six. I have had the vision in mind since October or November last year, worked out my site plan in December and started writing articles in January. Three months ago was when I actually started building the site, going through the nitty gritty of design and testing.

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The Most Beautiful Song In The World


Isa Lei, the Fijian Farewell Song, is hauntingly beautiful. Read more:


Mike and I had only been in Fiji a few days when we heard it. We were sitting in the poolside restaurant at the Bedarra Beach Inn, enjoying our meals against a backdrop of clinking glasses and the roar of the ocean across the road. We were deep in conversation when, out of nowhere, our ears were suddenly filled with a beautiful chorus that emanated from out of the hotel’s lobby.

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The Truth About Hanging Rock


The Truth About Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia. Are the mysterious events in the film "Picnic At Hanging Rock" based on a true story? Did anybody really vanish into thin air up there? Read more:


In 1967, the Australian author Joan Lindsay released her deeply mysterious novel, “Picnic At Hanging Rock”. In 1975 the story was turned into a film directed by Peter Weir, and it went on to win many awards, including a BAFTA. The film is now regarded as one of the most iconic pieces of Australian cinema ever created. It manages to draw viewers in with its enigmatic plot: Students living at a prestigious girls’ boarding school in rural Australia visit the rock formation on Valentine’s Day, 1900. Several of the girls and a teacher disappear amongst the silent and creepy stones. They are never seen again.

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Finding Hope At The Cambodia Landmine Museum


Finding Hope At The Cambodia Landmine Museum - Siem Reap, Cambodia. All about Aki Ra and the amazing work he is doing clearing Cambodia of landmines. Read more:


When I first travelled to Cambodia in 2012, I had a really clear intention for how I wanted to spend my time there. I wanted to explore the temples around Siem Reap and immerse myself in Cambodia’s ancient history. But when it came to it’s tragic modern history, I didn’t think I would be able to handle it.

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