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Thank you for considering working with me! I would love to help you in promoting your ethical brand or enterprise.

The Lost Lemurian is a growing website and YouTube channel that educates on the topic of sustainable living from a spiritual perspective. Through my videos and articles, I cover topics such as veganism and plant-based lifestyles, zero waste living, reducing food miles, lowering carbon consumption and eliminating palm oil. My clients are people who hold spirituality as an important part of their lives, and this spirituality stirs them to live responsibly and mindfully, aiming to step as lightly on the planet as possible.

I am available to review products, attractions/venues and ethical experiences. I will post a positive but honest report of your service or product and share it across my social media. As my clients understand that integrity is important to me, they know they can trust that any service or product I endorse is truly worth their attention.

Here are two examples of product reviews I have done in the past:




I am open to any other ideas you may have about press trips, sponsorships, contests or any other sponsored content. Please note: I will not be able to accept products that are not vegan, that involve animal testing or that come with non-recyclable packaging. I will be unable to participate in activities involving captive animals. Please contact me to discuss further!




As of April 2018, my social media numbers are as follows:

  • Twitter: 3.4 K
  • Instagram: @thelostlemurian 2.2 K, @lostveganfood 1.5 K
  • Pinterest: 1.8 K
  • YouTube: 1.5 K
  • Facebook: 850

On YouTube, my most engaged social media platform, my viewer demographics are as follows:

  • 55% male, 45% female, with watch time 42% male, 58% female (meaning females watch for longer than males).
  • Primarily located in the United States (42%), Australia (15%) and the United Kingdom (9%).
  • Covering a wide range of age groups (40% aged 25-34 years, 25% aged 35-44 years, 21% aged 18-24 years, 14% aged 45-54 years).


I am very much looking forward to working with you to promote positive and responsible products and experiences! So please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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