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Hi there! Whether you have come here by pure curiosity or you are already familiar with Lemuria, I want to thank you so much for putting time aside to delve further into this beautiful lost land.

I first heard about Lemuria many years ago when I was beginning my travel down the spiritual path. I had already been aware of the concept of Atlantis, but read further about that lost civilisation through some of the new age books I had come across. I found the idea of Atlantis interesting but it was never something that really fascinated me or held my attention.

But hidden in there, amongst the descriptions and stories about Atlantis, was mention of a different, older civilisation. A civilisation that had been around for longer than Atlantis and covered a wider area too. It was a culture that, by description, was far more peaceful and gentle than Atlantis had been. It was less cerebral and more soulful. Less hierarchical and more communal. Less in control of the Earth and more a part of it.



This civilisation was called Mu, the “motherland”, better known to us nowadays as Lemuria.

Whereas I felt instinctively that I had had several lives in Atlantis, when it came to Lemuria I knew I’d been there. In fact, it felt like home. And so I began trying to find out more. Over the next couple of years, I read everything I could find on the topic of this place, trying to work out what had happened to it and why it hadn’t survived into our modern popular culture the way Atlantis had. I did several past-life regressions, trying to remember as much as I could and constantly trying to unlock more and more memories. I even took workshops on the lost lands, coming together with other like-minded souls who were also searching for more information.



During this time, a friend asked me, “Karyn, what’s the point of focusing so much on past lives? Doesn’t it just take you away from the present?”

There is some truth to these words. Past-life regressions can actually serve a wonderful purpose in helping you get to the root of a problem or identifying the cause of a pattern in your life. However, if we are participating in past-life regressions because we are unhappy with our current life and want to know that it was once different, or because we want the ego boost of knowing we once had power or privilege, it can become a form of escape. We can miss the lesson of our current life by constantly focusing on the old one.

That’s not what past-life memories are for. We should use them to understand our former lives and take that information to identify how we can make this life better.

And that is the challenge for those of us who remember Lemuria.



You see, it’s not enough to just soothe ourselves with memories of that old civilisation where life was kinder, gentler, simpler and more loving. Because we didn’t come here in the late 20th and early 21st century to simply sit around remembering. We came here to help the world heal.

Today, there are many souls on our planet who were around in the time of Lemuria. We may have had many other lives since that time, but we have come back now to bring the energy of Lemuria to our world today. We are the modern Lemurians. Not all of us remember why we are here, and some don’t even believe Lemuria was a real place. But that’s okay. Because regardless of those things, we are bringing about a kinder future for planet Earth.

In Lemuria, all life was honoured – human, animal and plant. Communities existed in balance with the rhythms of nature and understood they were owned by the Earth, not the other way around. A person’s emotional and mental health was as important as their physical health and in fact, the three could not even be separated.  All dis-ease was viewed as an imbalance of energies and as such, many modern Lemurians are holistic healers in this life – naturopaths, psychologists, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, sound healers, pranic healers, crystal healers and so on.

But it is not just human beings that modern Lemurians can help; we are also here to heal the animals and the Earth herself. Modern Lemurians are passionate about stepping lightly and treating the planet with respect. We change our lifestyles to avoid participating in damaging or hurtful practices and think deeply about the long-term effect that our habits have on the world.

For this reason, I decided to create this resource to assist modern Lemurians – or anyone who considers themselves a spiritual person! – to make choices that will benefit our beautiful planet instead of further harming her.



I am inspired by the story of Lemuria and my own past-life memories of how things were back then. I also know that we humans are at a critical moment where we could make a leap in consciousness, but we won’t be successful if we only approach things by halves. We will not be complete if we focus only on our inner work, and we will not be complete if we focus only on our outer actions. We need both to evolve.

This is why I think, for many of us, it is actually important to approach sustainable living from a perspective that includes our spiritual lives, as well as our practical day-to-day habits. For those of us on a spiritual path, caring for the Earth is an act of worship (even for those from traditional religions). It is also a love letter to every single being that shares the planet with us. It is our way of acknowledging, “You are as important as I am. All Earthlings are my family”.

This is how it was in Lemuria, and this is how it could be in your life now.



I am really excited about sharing more with you about the spiritual approach to sustainability. There are so many ways in which we can do this.

You can jump right in to learning how you can live a more sustainable life by checking out the articles, posts and videos on my site. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and join my mailing list to be regularly notified of when new resources are made available.

I also have two Facebook groups you may wish to be a part of: Modern Lemurians, where you can connect with others like yourself and learn how to make the world a better place in our modern society, and Veganism and Spirituality, for those wishing to approach a plant-based lifestyle from a spiritual perspective.

If you are wanting some in-depth personal assistance, I also conduct Tarot readings via Skype, Zoom or email, to give you answers and support from the spirit world.

You can also learn more about Lemuria itself by taking a look through my articles on the topic, as well as information I have available about other lost lands.

So let’s get started!



Karyn xx



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  1. In depth information about Lemurian crystals. General information about how the Lemurians lived and developed themselves while here on earth, to open our perceptions, energies and senses to how life could be one day in the future.

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