What Is A Modern Lemurian?



In reading the information on this site, you may have already begun to feel deep memories awakening within you. You may be getting tingles reading about how it used to be, a feeling that some of the images you have seen are “home”, or perhaps you have a deep sense that what you have read “just feels right”. Some of you may even be getting flashbacks or may be recalling things you thought had been only dreams.

But others may still be unsure. You love the idea of Lemuria but you just don’t know if you were actually there, and you are wondering how you can possibly discover if you yourself are a modern reincarnated Lemurian.



Firstly, I want to say that when I use the term “modern Lemurian” I am not exclusively referring to souls that were actually there. Yes, most who identify as modern Lemurians were also ancient Lemurians, as we will discover in a moment. However, one of the features of Lemuria was it’s inclusivity, it’s culture of welcoming with open arms all who sought to live in harmony and peace. This extends to those who feel attracted to the story of Lemuria, even if they are young souls who were not actually present at the time. In my opinion, anybody working to bring the energy and love of Lemuria to our present day can be called a modern Lemurian, whether or not you had a Lemurian life – and even if you don’t believe Lemuria was actually real.

However, as mentioned above, most of you who are drawn to the story and legend of this lost land were actually there. And so the biggest clue to the answer of whether or not you lived in Lemuria is the very fact you are interested in it. The soul is drawn to what is familiar, and so if you feel led to explore certain aspects of the Lemurian story, it’s highly likely that is because you had multiple lives in that time and place.



The second clue to whether or not you are a reincarnated Lemurian is your personality and what you are drawn to. Lemuria was not necessarily a time of intellectual achievement (we mastered that in Atlantis) but it was a time of peace, respect and love. Our modern world has strayed very far from these ideals in many ways, and so who better to lovingly escort us back than the souls who were around during that gentle time.

The following are some character traits possessed by modern-day Lemurians. Do any of these apply to you?



Community Focused

Modern Lemurians care about community and the people around them. They especially enjoy fostering conscious communities, where each member cares about and looks after the other members. Modern Lemurians will often take up roles or put in many hours volunteering on projects that will benefit the collective. They can be so community focused that they end up being hurt, not realising that others in the community may seek to take advantage of their kindness without giving anything back.

The reason modern Lemurians are passionate about community is that in the lost lands, every village and clan functioned as one big extended family. Community members worked equally hard to ensure everyone was cared for and nobody dreamed of taking advantage of anyone’s selflessness. Modern Western culture, where neighbours sometimes don’t even know each others’ names and there is a sense of everyone being out for themselves, feels harsh and wrong to modern Lemurians. Hence they are drawn to places where likeminded souls will happily participate in conscious community building.



In Lemuria, the healing arts were a part of daily life. Dis-ease was always treated holistically, with care being given to the person physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. This was done through a variety of modalities, in order to balance and restore the unwell person’s life force, or chi.

Modern Lemurians continue this tradition through practicising the arts of reiki, pranic healing, energy healing, massage and bodywork, crystal healing, sound healing, chanting, yoga, meditation, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism and feng shui. Some are passionate about healing the physical body through food, teaching about nutrition and hydration, and some try to provide emotional healing by becoming counsellors and psychologists. Some even choose to practice the healing arts via Western medicine, becoming conventional doctors and nurses.

A healer is always a healer, so if you can be described as a healer in this life, chances are it’s not your first time!



Dancers and Musicians

This could easily fall under the banner of healing, as all things are connected. Modern Lemurians adore music and dance and the way each can bring a group of people together. Both can also be a channel for healing, physically and emotionally, and can be a wonderful way to connect with the energies of a physical place or group of people. Moving meditation also is included in this section, with body movement being another avenue to achieving inner peace and enlightenment.

Modern Lemurians are drawn to drum circles, choirs, chanting sessions, laughter yoga, festivals, concerts, music classes, dance classes, free dance sessions and even raves and nightclubs (although Lemurians will generally try to avoid hurting their bodies with alcohol or harmful drugs!) They may have a keen interest in the many Polynesian dance forms or in any communal, earthly dance, such as tribal-style belly dancing. In Lemuria, dance and music were vital aspects of community life and so when we are surrounded by them again, we can feel ecstatic. Allowing yourself to be carried away by a beat is a wonderful way to unearth those ancient memories.


Lovers of Technology and Communication

As mentioned earlier, brilliant intellectual achievements emerged during Atlantis rather than Lemuria, and so the Lemurians were not known for being great inventors or academics. However, modern-day Lemurians do adore any technology that carries great benefit for people, animals or the environment. Rather than adoring invention for invention’s sake, they carry a great appreciation for what each invention can give the world.

This is especially true in the area of communication. Many Gen Y “whiz kids” who have changed the face of telecommunications and social media embody this energy. Because modern Lemurians are so community focused, they will often use phones and the internet to stay in touch with those they love or use it to help those in need. However, technology also can come with negative aspects that may harm both physically and energetically. Thus, modern-day Lemurians also make attempts to temper any detrimental effect technology may carry. For example, a modern Lemurian who makes her living via social media may also routinely get out in nature to avoid wifi signals, attempt to block electromagnetic activity with crystals or regularly take social media breaks.



Activists and Change-Makers

Modern-day Lemurians seek justice for humans, animals and the environment because the world today has strayed so far from how things used to be. These are the people who choose plant-based lifestyles in order not to inflict pain on animals, who begin social media campaigns to have unjust laws changed, who build off-grid homes and teach others how to do the same. Much of this energy is intermingled with the arrival of the Indigo Children, a generation born in the 70s and 80s who have come through to begin a movement that will see the old establishment fade away and new, kinder systems left in their place.

Some modern-day Lemurians, including myself, may also identify as Indigo adults. As the Indigos carry a deep anger at those who hurt the world, it can be easy for modern Lemurians to slip into this space of anger also. However, Lemurians also understand that anger is ultimately toxic and in the end it is love that brings true change. As such, they eventually find ways to practice their activism effectively from a place of love and kindness.


Opposing Discrimination

Modern Lemurians believe in the equal rights of all humans regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, wealth, health or any other factor. As such, many modern Lemurians find themselves on a path of activism as mentioned above. Modern Lemurians often express confusion at the utter lack of sense of some of the ways humans discriminate, and see through society’s odd “rules” decades before those around them. They rise above the fear-based thinking common in some parts of Western culture to the true hearts of people, and tear the man-made walls down.

This all happens because of the community focus in Lemuria. Nobody in a Lemurian village or clan would ever have been shunned because of their ancestry, or because of the gender of the people they were attracted to, or the fact they had discovered that their true self did not reflect the body they were in. On the contrary, these things would all have been celebrated. Therefore, to shun someone for any of the above factors seems illogical and unjust to a reincarnated Lemurian soul.



Mercy For Asylum Seekers

As Lemuria was about inclusion, not exclusion, modern Lemurians feel deep compassion for anybody seeking refuge. This is especially true for those who have had to make long, dangerous journeys across the sea to find a new and safe home. Modern Lemurians have deep subconscious memories of times when they themselves had nowhere to go, through no fault of their own, and they remember the kindness of those who took them in (including the early Atlanteans). As such, they view rejecting or refusing to help asylum seekers as an incredibly cold, heartless and cruel act.


Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based

As mentioned earlier, because of their love and respect for animals and the environment, a large number of modern-day Lemurians gravitate towards vegan, vegetarian and plant-based lifestyles. As well as wishing to avoid causing animal suffering and death, caused by the deep conviction that it is wrong to kill and harm others, they are also concerned by the huge environmental toll caused by modern animal agriculture and the subsequent detrimental effects it causes to other humans. Modern Lemurians therefore avoid animal products as much as they can in their food, personal care, clothing, cosmetics and entertainment, as well as trying to reduce the demand for other things that are harmful to animals, such as the production of palm oil.

Not every plant eater in our current time is a reincarnated Lemurian, and not every reincarnated Lemurian eats exclusively plants; however, there is a strong trend – regardless of the labels individuals choose for themselves – to lead a lifestyle that is as plant based as possible.



Passionate Environmentalists

Extending from the above, modern Lemurians carry a strong desire to heal and defend Gaia (Mother Earth). In Lemuria, communities lived in balance with nature and shared the belief held by many modern indigenous communities that it is not we that own the Earth, but rather the Earth who owns us. Mother Earth, therefore, is seen as a personality not an object – literally, as our mother. As such, reincarnated Lemurians feel a strong passion to defend and care for her.

Modern-day Lemurians may be heavily involved in the zero waste movement, recycling, composting, organic food and gardening, tree planting, restoring of nature reserves, natural home cleaning and personal products, chemical-free living, renewable energy, carbon-neutral living, tiny homes, car avoidance (eg, walking, cycling or taking public transport instead), opposing infrastructure that would harm the environment such as fracking, beach clean ups, litter clean ups and anything else that keeps Mother Earth healthy and safe.


Ocean Lovers

Not surprisingly, reincarnated Lemurians are often drawn to the ocean! This is because so much of life in Lemuria revolved around the mighty seas, either deep within them or on their edges, as many of us lived on the islands and subcontinents that made up Lemuria. So much of our existence occurred in those liminal spaces, where coconut-palm lined beaches met warm waters teeming with life.

Lemuria was not 100% a coastal or island environment; there were inland forests and huge mountains, and so some modern Lemurians feel more at home in these spaces. However many reincarnated Lemurians feel themselves drawn to activities such as ocean swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing. They dream of spending long periods of time on white beaches, in the sunshine surrounded by palms, ferns and large green, leafy plants, of exploring coral reefs, walking on top of ocean cliffs and spending large amounts of time in warm, tropical locations. They also feel a strong connection with large marine animals such as whales, dolphins, turtles and manatees, as these powerful animals were some of our closest friends during the time of Lemuria. Many modern Lemurians also feel strongly drawn to all things relating to mermaids and even have memories of being merfolk themselves.

Because modern Lemurians are so passionate about the ocean, they understand just how crucial the ocean is to preserving the health of our entire planet, and it is not uncommon for them to be involved in some kind of ocean-related activism or volunteer work.



Drawn To Crystals

There is a strong connection between the lost land of Lemuria and the mineral kingdom. Crystals were utilised in their raw form and heavily prized not as fancy ornaments but for what they could do for the whole community. The devas within were communicated with and greatly respected. In Lemuria, it was not felt that crystals needed to be polished or made prettier as happens today, but instead they were accepted as the earth gave them and considered complete in their raw state.

Any research into Lemuria will also bring up mention of Lemurian seed crystals, also called Lemurian quartz. This is a kind of quartz known for its ability to keep a record of information. Meditating with or using such a crystal will enable you to bring forth deep memories from your subconscious as well as other important information to assist you and others in this current life. As such, crystals are a very cherished tool for reincarnated Lemurians, even beyond the healing capacities the stones already hold. Many modern Lemurians are drawn to crystals for this purpose, often before they have even heard of Lemuria.


Drawn To Nature

As well as being drawn to the ocean, as mentioned earlier, reincarnated Lemurians prefer to be out in nature of any kind. They would rather be outdoors than inside, balancing the effects of the technology they love with the healing and cleansing effects of the natural world. They need to feel grass under their feet and sunshine on their skin. Modern Lemurians also feel an affinity with plants, rocks and other bodies of water, finding it easy and pleasurable to connect with elementals (nature spirits) who reside in trees, boulders, rivers and lakes.

Modern Lemurians are fond of anything that will take them out into the natural world, and may frequently take off bushwalking or spend long periods of time meditating on the beach. They also adore the magical time of sunrise and sunset, and may even spend long periods of time gazing at the moon and stars. Many modern Lemurians are keen observers of astrology.


Earthy Appearance

Following on from their love of nature and the outdoors, reincarnated Lemurians enjoy dressing in simple, practical attire. They prefer to dress in eco-friendly fabrics and seek to avoid wearing any garments that were made by the suffering of another (animal or human). They are also very comfortable in their own skin, and would be naked if weather and social convention did not prohibit it! They wear jewellery not for show or to flaunt wealth, but because it has deep personal significance for them. Some let their hair grow wild and many go barefoot wherever possible.

A quality very common amongst modern Lemurians is the love of tattoos. This is a collective memory from a time when our skin changed according to our feelings and experiences. Similar to the dots mentioned in the previous article, skin markings would form spontaneously once a person had learned a lesson or passed an initiation. In our current human bodies, we need the help of a tattoo artist with a needle to make these marks form on our skin. However the experience is the same, in that achieving a certain level of personal growth or passing through a defining moment can inspire us to record the occasion on our bodies.



After reading this article, you may be able to identify with several of the points mentioned. Some of you may even be jumping out of your seats in excitement, because you feel each of these points describes you personally. Whatever the case may be, it is no coincidence that you are drawn to the things you are drawn to, and that you obtain great joy and peace from anything mentioned here. The things you are motivated to be involved in well up from deep inside of you, from memories of a time when there was more balance and harmony to our world. You are here to lovingly and peacefully bring that balance and harmony back.

My best advice to you would be to delve deeply into the things that bring you joy and fulfilment! Allow them to consume you and see where they take you. Trust the Universe that you are exactly where you are meant to be and bring healing and love to anybody who is around you. As I mentioned in the very first article on this site, we did not come here simply to remember. We came here to help change things, and if you are looking for a place to start, your heart is your guide.



If you would like to connect with other modern Lemurians, I have created a Facebook group for that very purpose. It is a place where we can support each other and assist in how to bring these deep subconscious memories through to a place where they can motivate us in our day-to-day lives. It is a place where we can share ideas and advice on how to contribute to lasting change, and how to deal with the sometimes harsh nature of life in the 21st century. I would dearly love to have you join us, and you can do so by clicking on the button below.




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