The Lemurian Legend


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Considering the legend of Lemuria requires us to have an open mind. It requires us to suspend our belief that we know all there is to know about physicality and consciousness. We must consider that there is so much that our eyes cannot see, both in our world and beyond.

The land of Lemuria, otherwise known as Mu, was incredibly vast. It supposedly stretched from the eastern Pacific Ocean westwards and northwards to include Australia, Hawaii, parts of South-East Asia, Japan and India, then encompassing the Indian Ocean all the way to Madagascar.

Madagascar, in fact, is the source of the name Lemuria; this term was coined by zoologist Philip Sclater, who discovered fossils of Madagascan lemurs in India. He noted that although the fossils were in both places they existed nowhere in Africa or the Middle East, and therefore postulated that the animals must have travelled between the two locations via land that was now submerged.

Whilst there is a lot about the ocean we don’t yet understand, geologists state the Indian and Pacific Oceans are far too deep to have ever been home to the vast continent described by the Lemurian myth. Modern science has therefore completely dismissed the idea of Lemuria or any other lost continent. But here is the trick; it may not have actually been one continent. In my own past-life memories I see it as several subcontinents and large islands which, over a long period of time, changed to form smaller islands and the oceanscape we know today.


The Kerguelen Plateau, a submerged continent in the southern Indian ocean. Read more:

Image detailing the lack of a submerged continent in the Indian Ocean. Circled is the Kerguelen Plateau, which was submerged approximately 20 million years ago. Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Geology can tell us a great deal, and we know that geological events take a very long time to occur. Likewise, the rise and fall of the ocean in line with the various Ice Ages that have happened on our planet is a process which has taken a very long time. Because of this, the idea of subcontinents or even large islands disappearing under rising oceans and wiping out entire civilisations has been ruled unlikely to the point of being impossible.

However, the Lemurian myth states that Mu was not only vast in land, but in time. The legend tells us that it stretched out across hundreds of thousands of years, well before the evolution of modern humans. So who lived there?


The Pleiades star system. Read more:

The Pleiades star system, also known as the Seven Sisters, or Subaru. Credit: YRIOU


In our vast, expanding Universe, it would be a little naïve to think that ours is the only planet with life. Likewise, it would be a little naïve to think that human beings are the only species with technology.

Over the past century, multiple psychics have brought through information that states Lemuria was colonised by a group of beings who did not hail from Earth. They state that these beings mainly came from the star system known as the Pleiades. They had evolved in body, mind and spirit to such an extent that they no longer had any room to grow. Therefore, they chose to come to our blue, fertile planet to collect new experiences in bodies that would eventually evolve to be very different from the ones they were so used to.

Gaia – Planet Earth – was not uninhabited at the time. She was home to many different animals as well as elemental spirits now invisible to the eyes of modern humans. The Pleiadians, having only peace and kindness in mind, joined with the existing inhabitants of the blue planet and they all coexisted, mixed, evolved and changed over hundreds of thousands of years.

In those days, our bodies were very different to what we know today. The starbeings (the term spiritualists prefer use when describing extra-terrestrials) initially had very long lifespans and lived for millennia. Some psychics believe their bodies were also much larger than human stature is now. Over time, as they blended with the elementals and their DNA changed, their bodies changed and their lifespans decreased.

The Lemurians were shapeshifters. They had abilities we modern humans cannot fathom, and could transform into animals or part-animals depending on their needs. It is from this aspect of life on Mu that we receive the legends of mermaids and other wondrous creatures. The auras and chakra systems of individuals were also visible, and it was possible to physically see a person’s wellbeing without need for the phrase, “How are you?”. Nonverbal communication was also far more common, as the Lemurians displayed their feelings in changeable patterns spread out upon their skin. These patterns have even made it into our modern pop culture, with the film Avatar being a prime example of this.


The skin markings in the film Avatar. Read more:

The changing dots on the skin of the Na’vi of Pandora, as well as their connection with the natural world, are just a few of the Lemurian themes present in the movie. Credit: C. Doornbos.


Gender and sexuality were also far more fluid in Lemuria. Love was prized above all else, with unions between individuals being celebrated as sacred. This was the case whether the people involved were of the same or different gender, monogamous or not. Being shapeshifters, the Lemurians were also born without gender and chose how they wanted to live once they came of age. They retained the ability to change back again as they grew and continued to discover who they really were. As such, modern Lemurians have great respect and compassion for those who undergo gender reassignment today.

Australian psychic and witch Lucy Cavendish, in her bestseller “The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon”, speaks of seeing living, breathing stones positioned in the foreheads of Lemurians. These enabled us to breath under water without shape shifting, among other things, and later on they were a key difference between the people of Lemuria and Atlantis.

It was also not just our bodies that were different. Life in general was far more simple. Everything was humble and practical; there were no fancy buildings and even temples were far more minimalist than they are today.

There were no kings or presidents or even chiefs in this society. Individuals came to positions of leadership to accomplish tasks, such as teaching or gathering food, but in general the people worked together. If one member of the community suffered, everybody else suffered along with them. Nobody was ever left behind and everything was shared communally among the people.

Even if the extra-terrestrial and shapeshifting aspects of this legend are a little hard for you to believe in, the idea of any society that functions this peacefully is certainly something to aspire to.


A churning Lemurian coastline, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Read more:



What Happened To Them?

Lemuria’s ending was not sudden. It was a gradual process of losing more and more land to the sea over many millennia, causing the people to perpetually move on to find new homes. Reincarnated Lemurians today retain the ancestral memory of these journeys, and many feel very passionately about the rights of modern-day asylum seekers who, just like the Lemurians, have found themselves without a home through no fault of their own.

Due to their heightened spiritual development, the Lemurians had, in a lot of cases, forewarning of the upcoming changes. As stones store memory, much knowledge was recorded in crystals, similar to the way we might record information on a USB today. The crystals were then hidden away in safe places. These crystals are now emerging so that their wisdom can be accessed at this time of our current earth changes. For this reason, any research into the lost land of Lemuria will undoubtedly bring up mention of crystals, and it may also explain why so many reincarnated Lemurians adore the mineral kingdom.

Over time, the inhabitants of Mu established new civilisations in Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Central and South America. The Lemurians in the far east of the lost continent made contact with the fledgling sea kingdom of Atlantis, where they settled and later experienced hardship.

Not every Lemurian moved on, however. The legend tells us that as shapeshifters some of them chose to live on as animals, such as whales, turtles or sea birds. Others were able to shapeshift into the natural landmarks and features we know today, thus becoming the inspiration for many folkloric tales of people literally becoming the land. It has even been said that some Lemurians went inside Gaia herself, continuing to live on in secret in order to remain safe.


Where cliffs meet the sea, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand. Read more:


In this way, Lemuria never actually ceased to be. Her teachings lived on in the new civilisations that were spawned on the shores of the Indian Ocean and throughout the Pacific. Even today these existing cultures share common threads, despite being separated by two wide oceans. Many Pacific Island cultures, in particular, retain Lemuria’s focus on community and connection with nature.

Regardless of the truth about Lemuria’s origin or the nature of the Lemurians themselves, this lost land lives on in the hearts of people today. Wherever there are people who believe strongly in creating a world of peace and love, wherever people respect and celebrate all genders and sexual orientations, wherever people connect with and defend the natural world, Lemuria still thrives. There are even locations, such as Ubud in Bali or Byron Bay in Australia, where modern-day Lemurians are subconsciously gravitating towards each other and building new communities that embody the energy of Mu.

This is why the Lemurian legend is so exciting. It is not simply a tale of something that may have happened long ago. It’s the blueprint for a beautiful future.


Gorgeous Lemurian sunset. Kata Viewpoint, Phuket, Thailand. Read more:


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  1. Hi Karyn, I really enjoyed reading this! It’s obvious that you have put a lot of work and research into it. I’m pretty sure I’m a Lemurian. I did a past life regression once and was a healer in a water temple there. In this life, I’m crazy about the ocean, sea creatures, mother nature and healing, so I guess that would be fitting for a modern day Lemurian.
    I looked into this civilisation a few years ago but didn’t really see many people interested in it from Australia so I’m glad I’ve connected with you.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope you have a great day!

    • Hi Mahdi, yes you fit the description of a modern day Lemurian perfectly! I’m so glad you’ve been able to access that memory. There are definitely a few of us in Australia who feel strongly connected to Lemuria but it can be hard to find others, even with the wonders of modern technology. I’m so glad we crossed paths!

    • Oh btw – both your messages came through, they were just waiting to be approved at my end. Have a great day! xx

  2. As you know, I’m currently reading The Lost Lands right now. So all of this is really interesting to me and it really makes so much more sense to me than so many other theories and ideas. While I haven’t experienced any past life memories in Lemuria yet, I just really connect with all of this.
    Thanks for the interesting article!
    Candace recently posted…Captain William Clark Park- Mt. Hood, Columbia River, Nature & HistoryMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you’re loving the book Candace! Let me know what part you’re up to! And I have found connecting with all of this is the first step to remembering. It sounds like a past life regression is in order for you! 😀

  3. I just want to say thank you for this beautiful post. Its deep and beautiful truth shook me to the soul.
    Having been in the Atlantean struggle against corruption that eventually led to its end, I have often worked with the Lemurians in the past to save as much as we could from destruction. I helped to transport the Crystal of Knowledge into a Lemurian colony’s safe hands, deep beneath the Earth, and eventually perished with Atlantis. With all this past-life drama, I have often neglected my own Lemurian past lives and the wisdom they contained. I am now reconnecting, with the help of my little lemurian golden healer. I am so happy so see that I’m not the only one to have realised that Avatar is Lemuria’s portrait, just like the Star Wars prequels is Atlantis’.
    So yeah. Thank you.
    Love, a fellow lightworker
    PS: the shapeshifting part gave me those huge chills, because I remembered years ago how I shapeshifted in ancient past lives, often as a seagull, in Atlantis and Lemuria. Flying is one of the things I miss the most in this life.

    • Winged Heart – wow! It is AMAZING that you mentioned the Crystal of Knowledge because I know exactly what you’re talking about. I recall a different name for it but I know what it is you’re referring to. And YES about Star Wars!! It’s so powerful to know that these stories are ingrained into our collective unconscious and we are going to tell them over and over again in different forms until we learn what we are supposed to learn. xx

      Love and light! I hope to hear from you again in future, it’s lovely to connect. xx

      • You remember the Crystal! That’s fantastic! I’m the only one I know who does… Well nearly. A great soulmate of mine, presently a six years-old Crystal Child, do remember it, as well as Atlantis itself and the old wisdom.
        I know an online channeled essay I think you might like, and its called The Fall Of Atlantis And Their Uses Of Crystals, channeled by James Tyberonn from Archangel Metatron. They talk about the Crystal of Knowledge (or the name you remember it having). I want to do more research to see if there is something similar on Lemuria.
        In the meanwhile, lots of love and light to you
        PS: I’m glad you agree on Star Wars!

    • Oh wow, That’s me too. I have had such a hard time finding info on this. This is so heart warming. Once I read Edgar Cayce’s story of Lemuria and Atlantis, I knew instictively, that I was in Lemuria and had moved to Atlantus. I also knew about some work with crystals, very large crystals (likely the one you mentioned). I knew I had been forwarning people of impending doom and not believed. I also knew instictively about the Avatar and Star Wars. This is so exciting to me. Haven’t been so excited in years. Thank you both!

  4. Hi Karyn,

    I enjoyed reading your article! I had a past life reading and was told In this Lemurian life, I fulfilled my mission with my husband by helping and healing the elderly. Also that we where instrumental in researching and finding the reason for the memory loss and cured it. Our names where Sandrina and Losat.

  5. Hi Karyn,

    Would you have any information that you could share with me on the names ?

    Love & Light! xo

    • Hi CF, your past life reading sounds fascinating! Especially regarding the medical research aspect; medical advances were a big feature of the Atlantean civilisation so I wonder if perhaps that life occurred in the latter days of Lemuria, when the two were existing side by side. I’m not getting anything on the names, sorry, but if you feel they are significant that’s a sign they are something you should look deeper into. 🙂 You can ask your spirit guides to assist you and ask for more information during meditation.

      Thanks so much for your comment! xx

  6. Hi, Karyn.
    I was very surprised to read your story. I have to tell you that I did not know until recently the existence of Lemuria, or anything that had anything to do with it. One day talking to a friend told him an experience of a regression, in which I remembered that my skin color was a very clear blue and that all my environment was vegetation, at that moment I had a bow and throw an arrow at an animal , Causing his death … the next thing I remember is that they were telling me that it was not necessary to kill to live, and later I was the one who was dying in the river bed, leaving me there as the others because it was something like the life cycle…
    Apart from the experience of the regression, I have to say that almost four years ago I stopped eating meat, I am a vegetarian and at first I did not know why, but now I think that my regression had a lot to do with everything.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Everything comes, everything happens and nothing is forever, only love and soul are of eternity …. (this is my motto in life)
    Peace and love.

    • That’s amazing to hear you had that experience in your regression, Choun! It’s amazing how many of us have similar scenes hidden deep in our memories. Yes, it’s very likely that your subconscious has steered you to vegetarianism as a result of that regression. Have you considered veganism yet? I have found it was a natural progression for me to go from vegetarianism to veganism.
      That is a beautiful motto. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment!

  7. Great Article! I know I have a past life in Atlantis, but after researching and reading your article, I feel called to Lemuria. I have alway been obsessed with whales and other large sea mammals like manatees. I love the Ocean and really any body of water. On trips, I have felt a compulsion to jump in / touch the water. Aquamarine is my favorite gemstone etc. The description of how you described their society is all I ever wanted. To live at peace with one another with such ease. I fit the lightworker / healer archetype but also am an empath / psychic / medium.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m glad you liked the article! It’s likely you had multiple lives in both lost lands (and some other ones too). I very much share your feelings about the ocean, I adore it! And yes, Lemurian society sounds amazing, doesn’t it! Hopefully we can bring a little touch of that to our time now. 🙂

  8. this leaves out the shallow area that is continental in nature east of Australia, and named Zealand which actually meets the description for Mu , Including a land which has three separate states. While only as big as Australia, It is large enough to be considered Vast by ancient peoples.

    • Thank you so much for adding this RuthAnne! I’m not hugely familiar with Zealand so thanks for reminding me of it. Yes, that definitely would have been a part of the continent. Thank you! 🙂

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