Other Names For Palm Oil – What To Look For!


When I first started learning about palm oil, I was pretty shocked to discover just how difficult it can be to spot. You would think that it would be pretty obviously listed as “palm oil” in the ingredients of food and personal care items, but in fact there are dozens of other names that are used for it. For this reason it’s almost impossible to avoid palm oil in our day to day lives – the powers that be making money off of the palm oil industry are very sneaky, and they know just what words to use to pull the wool over your eyes!

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From Chiang Mai To Penang


I actually wrote this post out weeks ago, but something stopped me from posting it for quite some time. In fact, you may have been wondering why it’s been a few weeks since my last update; well, there’s a good reason. Since my last post, we moved from Chiang Mai to Penang, Malaysia, and I have to be honest, it’s been somewhat of a bumpy transition.

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Thanin Market (Siriwattana) & Mini Market Haul


Instead of buying my food (especially my fruit and veggies!) at the expensive supermarket near my apartment, I really wanted to go to a local market and buy produce that I knew would be cheaper, would come wrapped in less plastic, and would support local businesses. However, the man at my front desk told me it was too far to walk. “Challenge accepted” I said to myself.


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Karma Is Your Chance To Show Love


I made this video in response to a video a friend made on the concept of suffering. He said very wisely, “They don’t suffer because of what they have done in a past life; they suffer because of what we fail to do now”.

Now, I certainly do believe in past lives and I do believe in karma. But I’ve found that so many people have an incorrect view of what it really is. You may be surprised to learn that suffering is a two-way street. It’s as much about the people around the suffer as it is about the one suffering.


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