Other Names For Palm Oil – What To Look For!


When I first started learning about palm oil, I was pretty shocked to discover just how difficult it can be to spot. You would think that it would be pretty obviously listed as “palm oil” in the ingredients of food and personal care items, but in fact there are dozens of other names that are used for it. For this reason it’s almost impossible to avoid palm oil in our day to day lives – the powers that be making money off of the palm oil industry are very sneaky, and they know just what words to use to pull the wool over your eyes!

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Talking The Illegal Wildlife Trade With Sadie From Eclectic Trekker


I’m so excited to share with you that finally Part 3 of my chat with Sadie from Eclectic Trekker is up! I’ve really enjoyed making these videos and I hope you have enjoyed watching them. In this final installment, we discuss the illegal trade in wildlife that is occurring throughout Southeast Asia and other parts of the globe, and what each of us can do to help stop it. It seems like such a big problem, but it’s good to know there is clear action each of us can take to prevent it from continuing.

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Talking Coral Regrowth With Sadie From Eclectic Trekker


If you watched and enjoyed the first video I made with Sadie from Eclectic Trekker where we spoke about elephant tourism – thank you! The two of us had such fun making the video and I had fun editing it. It also feels really nice to bring some important issues up so that awareness can be spread. So with that said, here is Part 2 of our series. This time we are talking about Sadie’s experiences replanting coral and repairing Malaysia’s precious coral reefs.

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Borneo Is Burning – We Need To Talk About This!


Although I’m behind in my vlogs, I realised that after last week’s vlog about the haze in Phuket, I just couldn’t move on without talking about the cause. I’ve explained briefly in that video about the fires in Indonesia that created the problem, and that it’s all related to palm oil. But I just don’t feel that I’ve adequately communicated to you how bad the situation is – or how powerful you are when it comes to stopping it.

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My First Few Hazy Days In Phuket


When we first arrived in Phuket it was nighttime, and things seemed a little dustier and cloudier than usual, but we thought nothing of it. We then awoke to a dismal, grey day but figured we had just hit a spot of bad weather at the tail end of the rainy season. However, we soon discovered that what we were really looking at was not cloud, but smoke and haze caused by the fires in Indonesia.

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