Why I Changed From Christianity To Paganism


In my earlier video all about paganism I mentioned that I had come to paganism from a background of being a strong Christian. I totally get if it seems weird that this happened to me – or maybe not so weird? After all, the two faiths seem so different. There had to be some strong motivation for me to make the leap from one to the other.

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The Vegan Huntress


Modern paganism is influenced by the spiritual practices of pre-Christian Europe, where the practice of hunting was glorified. How do I reconcile this with my vegan lifestyle? Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/06/the-vegan-huntress/
Original image by C. Ba


Well, I started out crafting a post about Yule and how I spent last Sunday night, but as happens so often to writers, things took an unexpected turn. It’s not so much that writing this post went somewhere I didn’t expect; it’s that my Yule itself went somewhere I didn’t expect – plus every time I sat down to write this entry, a whole new point in the argument opened up. Because on Sunday, instead of having a regular, run-of-the-mill pagan Sabbat celebration like so many others before it, I ended up confronting the very deep question of how I, as a vegan, can continue to be so devoted to a spiritual path that revolves around the glorification of hunting, something I greatly disapprove of.

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