Obligatory End Of 2015 Post

My summary of 2015 - beginning life as a digital nomad, travel, and celebrating my one-year vegan anniversary.


I tried and tried to come up with a better name for this post. I really did! But you know how a working title sometimes sticks? Yeah. I pondered and pondered over what creative and, you know, not lame words I could come up with to describe this post to you, and I couldn’t decide on anything. So this will have to do. Here is what happened to me this year. Spoiler alert: It was hard, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Back To Hanging Rock (And Straws Lane!)



If you had the chance to read my previous post about Hanging Rock, you’ll know how much I love it and how much it intrigues me. Even though the widely believed story about the missing schoolgirls is not actually true, it’s still a very mysterious place. So recently when I found out my father in law had never been, I just had to take him up there and make a little video about it.

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The Truth About Hanging Rock


The Truth About Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia. Are the mysterious events in the film "Picnic At Hanging Rock" based on a true story? Did anybody really vanish into thin air up there? Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/05/the-truth-about-hanging-rock/


In 1967, the Australian author Joan Lindsay released her deeply mysterious novel, “Picnic At Hanging Rock”. In 1975 the story was turned into a film directed by Peter Weir, and it went on to win many awards, including a BAFTA. The film is now regarded as one of the most iconic pieces of Australian cinema ever created. It manages to draw viewers in with its enigmatic plot: Students living at a prestigious girls’ boarding school in rural Australia visit the rock formation on Valentine’s Day, 1900. Several of the girls and a teacher disappear amongst the silent and creepy stones. They are never seen again.

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