Letting Go


Letting go of drama and negativity. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/09/letting-go/
Original image by B. Watkin


I’ve been in a bit of a funk over the past fortnight, in that I wasn’t sure what to write about. It’s not that I didn’t have ideas; I did! I had quite a few. I have several drafts on the go as well as a video I’m in the process of editing. It’s just that, until today, I haven’t been able to make enough sense out of my thoughts and emotions in order to write about them.

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A Retrospective On Mercury Retrograde


A Retrospective On Mercury Retrograde. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/06/a-retrospective-on-mercury-retrograde/
Original image by I. Ahmed


Before I talk about Mercury retrograde, I just have to stop and acknowledge this: my little baby site is all launched and up and running! I can hardly believe it.

When I set out to build the Lost Lemurian three months ago I never dreamed it would take this long to complete. It has actually taken longer than three months. Closer to six. I have had the vision in mind since October or November last year, worked out my site plan in December and started writing articles in January. Three months ago was when I actually started building the site, going through the nitty gritty of design and testing.

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