Talking The Illegal Wildlife Trade With Sadie From Eclectic Trekker


I’m so excited to share with you that finally Part 3 of my chat with Sadie from Eclectic Trekker is up! I’ve really enjoyed making these videos and I hope you have enjoyed watching them. In this final installment, we discuss the illegal trade in wildlife that is occurring throughout Southeast Asia and other parts of the globe, and what each of us can do to help stop it. It seems like such a big problem, but it’s good to know there is clear action each of us can take to prevent it from continuing.


Talking Coral Regrowth With Sadie From Eclectic Trekker


If you watched and enjoyed the first video I made with Sadie from Eclectic Trekker where we spoke about elephant tourism – thank you! The two of us had such fun making the video and I had fun editing it. It also feels really nice to bring some important issues up so that awareness can be spread. So with that said, here is Part 2 of our series. This time we are talking about Sadie’s experiences replanting coral and repairing Malaysia’s precious coral reefs.


Talking Elephant Tourism With Sadie From Eclectic Trekker


It was about two years ago now that I discovered the awful truth about elephant tourism and ever since, I’ve been telling every man, woman and lamppost that I met all about it! I would love to volunteer, at some point, with some rescued elephants in one of the very few genuine sanctuaries out there, but so far have not had the chance; however, many of my friends have. One of these pals is the lovely Sadie from Eclectic Trekker, and we recently got together to chat about her experiences.


Please Don’t Feed The Monkeys!


Please Don't Feed The Monkeys! Why wild monkey feeding causes harm to our primate friends, and why we as tourists should avoid contributing to this activity.


If you caught my recent vlogs about our day at the Phi Phi Islands, you will have seen that we encountered some gorgeous long-tailed macaques on Phi Phi Don. We had a great time interacting with them and watching as they dove for the bananas thrown from our boat by our tour guide. I mentioned, however, that this really wasn’t a good idea and that by feeding them we were actually endangering them. But how, specifically, are monkeys endangered when well-meaning humans feed them? And why is monkey feeding something that both tour companies and individual travellers should cease?


Borneo Is Burning – We Need To Talk About This!


Although I’m behind in my vlogs, I realised that after last week’s vlog about the haze in Phuket, I just couldn’t move on without talking about the cause. I’ve explained briefly in that video about the fires in Indonesia that created the problem, and that it’s all related to palm oil. But I just don’t feel that I’ve adequately communicated to you how bad the situation is – or how powerful you are when it comes to stopping it.


The Vegan Huntress


Modern paganism is influenced by the spiritual practices of pre-Christian Europe, where the practice of hunting was glorified. How do I reconcile this with my vegan lifestyle? Read more:
Original image by C. Ba


Well, I started out crafting a post about Yule and how I spent last Sunday night, but as happens so often to writers, things took an unexpected turn. It’s not so much that writing this post went somewhere I didn’t expect; it’s that my Yule itself went somewhere I didn’t expect – plus every time I sat down to write this entry, a whole new point in the argument opened up. Because on Sunday, instead of having a regular, run-of-the-mill pagan Sabbat celebration like so many others before it, I ended up confronting the very deep question of how I, as a vegan, can continue to be so devoted to a spiritual path that revolves around the glorification of hunting, something I greatly disapprove of.