Thanin Market (Siriwattana) & Mini Market Haul


Instead of buying my food (especially my fruit and veggies!) at the expensive supermarket near my apartment, I really wanted to go to a local market and buy produce that I knew would be cheaper, would come wrapped in less plastic, and would support local businesses. However, the man at my front desk told me it was too far to walk. “Challenge accepted” I said to myself.


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Karma Is Your Chance To Show Love


I made this video in response to a video a friend made on the concept of suffering. He said very wisely, “They don’t suffer because of what they have done in a past life; they suffer because of what we fail to do now”.

Now, I certainly do believe in past lives and I do believe in karma. But I’ve found that so many people have an incorrect view of what it really is. You may be surprised to learn that suffering is a two-way street. It’s as much about the people around the suffer as it is about the one suffering.


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Using A Rice Cooker For The First Time (& Shopping In The Rain)


Can you believe I got to the age of 33 without ever using a rice cooker? Um…yep. Not so strange when you think about it, because we always had a cooktop at home and boiled the rice in a saucepan. But not having a cooktop in our apartment, a rice cooker was a must. So I took myself out on a rainy night to get one.


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The Sunday Night Walking Street, Chiang Mai


It’s highly likely if you’ve even just looked up things to do in Chiang Mai, you’ve probably heard about the Sunday Night Walking Street. It’s reputation is justified! On my first Sunday night in Chiang Mai I took a trip to the market with a few other travel bloggers to check it out.

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Adjusting To Life In Chiang Mai (Highs and Lows)


As I mentioned in my previous post, my first week in Chiang Mai was a bit bumpy; not because there was anything wrong with Chiang Mai but because I was processing some of my feelings after being scammed twice in Bangkok and also because I was missing my husband. So this video actually started out as a regular vlog but some other emotions came up.

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Taking The Khao San Area Bus To Chiang Mai


My last day in Bangkok was a bit of a chilled one, as I didn’t have much else I wanted to do in the city prior to being picked up for my evening bus trip north. So I took a relaxed walk around the Khao San area, then spent the rest of the day chilling out before I was collected at around dinnertime.

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