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Hi, I’m Karyn! Welcome to my blog.

I’m a 30-something Australian girl originally from Melbourne, and I started this blog as a way to spread the message on issues I’m passionate about. But after a few years of blogging I realised that although I love to write blog posts, I love to make videos too. So now I am using this website to bring you not only articles about the topics I love, but videos as well.



I am a passionate vegan, animal rights activist and environmentalist. Years ago I made an attempt at living zero waste (or plastic free, as we called in back in the day) but that fell by the wayside, so I am chasing that lifestyle again. I feel like I’m starting from square one again, hence why I call myself a zero waste noob! There is also another twist involved. My husband and I can make our money online, and due to this we can live almost anywhere we choose, so long as there is an internet connection. In 2017 we will be moving back to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and so I will have to learn how to be zero waste (or as much as I can) in a culture very different from my own.

I believe in slow, responsible travel so I make a lot of videos and blog posts on this topic. I am also a pagan witch and I used to work as a psychic, so I enjoy educating people about this also, in the hopes of helping them find a place where they feel fulfilled spiritually.

My life motto is, “Just be kind; it’s not hard” and I try to keep that in mind at all times (although I am only human!)

I would love to hear from you, especially if you would like to work with me, so please don’t hesitate to make contact.





March 29, 2015

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