How We Make Kombucha



So about two months ago, Mike and I began a weekly habit that has saved us so much money, improved our health, avoided waste and been so much fun. We started making our own kombucha!




I had wanted to do this for a while but wasn’t sure where to get a scoby (symobiotic colony of bacteria and yeast – watch the video!) and I just wasn’t confident. Friends said it was so easy and would save me so much money but I just felt hesitant.

Enter the lovely Michelle, aka Kombucha Princess, who gifted me a scoby in exchange for a Tarot reading, and our weekly kombucha brew was born. Now Mike and I brew up a batch of kombucha every Sunday. It lasts us through the week and because Toby the Scoby (yes we named it, why are you looking at me like that?) is growing and getting bigger each week, soon we will be able to separate the mama and baby scobies and have two batches on the go constantly. This really is the drink that keeps on giving.

I decided to share our weekly kombucha routine with you, and I hope it gives some of you the encouragement to start brewing it yourself because it really is so so easy and so so cheap. Plus it is chock full of probiotics which leads to better gut health, which leads to good mental health and general health overall.





Over to you! Do you make your own kombucha? Do you have any tips for either the recipe or the process? Let’s all share about our experiences in the comments section.




  1. thank you so much for share this video. I think it will help me a lot.

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