Where I’ve Been…(Love People As They Are)


So if you only follow me on my website, you might not be aware that I have been taking a six-week break from YouTube and other social media. I will go into reasons for that below, but in short a few stressful events and overwork led to me having a “Screw it! I’m done!” moment and I just had to literally get away from the computer for a while. Here is my first video after coming back.


This video is a little more serious than I had expected it to be though, and that is because on my time off I did a lot of deep thinking. I’ve had a lot of thoughts coming up since the eclipses in August regarding how we vegans relate to the world, how we present ourselves and how some of our interactions with non vegans are actually harming the cause of veganism. One of those interactions is the actual, literal hatred that I’ve realised exists amongst some people in the vegan community towards meat eaters. I used to think that when people said, “I hate meat eaters!” they were just using a figure of speech – they couldn’t possibly be serious, right? Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few people who are.

In the video are my thoughts on that and the challenge it presents to the rest of the vegan community – and how no matter what, no matter your cause, hatred never, ever, saves lives.

You don’t turn on a light by spreading more darkness, after all.


What are your thoughts on what I’ve spoken about in the video? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know down below.



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