Announcing Private Readings! (Plus Steemit + Other Housekeeping)


Today I have just a little followup video to yesterday’s, with more information about the private readings I’m now offering. I also have a few other things to share with you about my services.



So yes, some things are no more but other things are…to be? Is that the opposite of no more? 🙂

Also, I would really love you guys to go join me at Steemit (here is my account here) as I really do think that platform has the potential to take off. The monetisation is also so much better than at YouTube plus the community is empowered to police itself which pretty much weeds out bullies and plagiarists (in contrast, YouTube’s system actually enables people who are abusive or fraudulent).

Let me know if you do come over and I’ll be sure to follow you!


What do you think of some of the changes I’m making? Are you on Steemit yet? Tell me in the comments below!



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