A Change In Focus!



Hey guys! So I just wanted to check in here to let you know that I’ve made a few decisions with regard to my blog and what I want to do with it.

I think it’s fair to say that my heart has been well and truly captured by YouTube and all my efforts are now going into making YouTube videos instead of writing blog posts.




(I really feel like I need to clarify that that meme is meant to be ironic…lol…everybody knows you become an internet star on Vine…oh, wait…).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a bit about where I want my internetty stuff to go, what direction I want things to head in and what my ultimate goals are. I did indicate in a previous post that I was leaning towards YouTube over my blog already. When I started this website, I had all these ideas about what it was going to be and what information I was going to share with you. I think it’s fair to say I bit off more than I could chew, as evidenced by the fact most of the items in my menus are still blank. But as it turned out, I had neither the time nor the motivation to put together all the info I planned to share, and I’m not sure the world was ready for some of it, anyway. Besides, I became more passionate about certain things like veganism and animal welfare, and I began to pursue those topics at the expense of others.

I’ve found things are just easier to do in video form. I get a thought in my head and sit down in front of the camera and talk. I go somewhere fun, take my camera and capture it. The editing process is relatively quick and fun, and I can also bounce ideas off of other YouTubers, and be inspired by them or make videos in response to them, like a conversation.

Above all else, it really is YouTube videos that give me the most joy and pleasure, not blog posts. So I think that YouTube is what I should be doing from now on.





What does that mean for this website? Well, no, I’m not shutting it down. But I am going to give it a major facelift. I need to get rid of some stuff and also pick a new theme (it’s just as well; I’m not sure what’s gone wrong, perhaps the last update messed things up, but things don’t show up right on the main page anymore so it’s time to change things around).

What I would like to do is use this site to promote my videos, and have a small section for my existing blog posts (and any new ones I might make in future – it’s unlikely, but always possible). I do have a secret project I’m working on as well so I’d like to promote that on my site too – but I’ll let you know more about that when it’s ready to be revealed.

So, at some point very soon a big “under construction” sign or something like that is going to go up on this page while I get to work on stuff. I’m not sure how much of an undertaking it’s going to be (I have over 130 YouTube videos on my channel now) but in true form I’ll probably make things harder than¬†they need to be.




A good way to sum things up is, I no longer want to have a website that is supported by a YouTube channel. I want to have a YouTube channel that is supported by a website.


You turn now! Leave me a comment about these changes and I will totally send you vegan cheesecake in the mail. Or something. OK, I probably won’t send food in the mail. It’d spoil. I will appreciate you very much, though. xx



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