Other Names For Palm Oil – What To Look For!


When I first started learning about palm oil, I was pretty shocked to discover just how difficult it can be to spot. You would think that it would be pretty obviously listed as “palm oil” in the ingredients of food and personal care items, but in fact there are dozens of other names that are used for it. For this reason it’s almost impossible to avoid palm oil in our day to day lives – the powers that be making money off of the palm oil industry are very sneaky, and they know just what words to use to pull the wool over your eyes!

Recently my friend Candace from Return to Avalon interviewed me for a post on the topic of palm oil. In the course of doing the interview, I went back to my video on the 2015 Southeast Asian haze and watched it again. (If you’re not sure why palm oil is such a big deal or why we should be concerned about it, feel free to go check it out).

When I watched the video again, however, I realised there were certain aspects of the matter that I could have covered in better detail. One of those was the many different names used for palm oil. In my video I ran through them quickly to make a point about the sheer number of alternative names – but unless you pause the video you won’t be able to see them all. So I’ve decided to make this video above, to help you become a little more familiar with the names and to help you spot palm oil a little more easily.

As I mention here, it’s probably a little unrealistic to carry this huge list around with you every time you go shopping. Furthermore, there are probably many more names used for palm oil that I wasn’t able to dig up in my research. However, I think this is a start. Even just knowing these alternative names can help us to remember how deep this issue goes, and can help us to focus on finding alternatives that are either palm oil free or marked as containing sustainably sourced palm oil. Those who profit off of the exploitation of the environment rely on our ignorance to stay in business; let’s cut them off, at least a little, by being as educated as possible.


Other Names For Palm Oil

Original image by NeilsPhotography via Wikimedia Commons

Do you have any thoughts on the issue of palm oil? Do you know of other names for palm oil, or have any tips for avoiding it? Let me know below.



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