Vegan Christmas Lunch 2015



Are you wondering why this Christmas post is dated as going up in May? That’s because for a while in 2016 my vlogs were quite backlogged and it took me a while to get them up. I hope you enjoy this nonetheless!  

Christmas is a much quieter affair in Thailand than it is in Western countries – Thai people love a celebration so there usually are Christmas decorations up here and there, and usually restaurants and other public places frequented by Westerners will have some kind of Christmas special going on. However, the day itself is just like any other day for Thai people and it’s definitely not the “everything is shut” affair that it is in some Western cities and towns.

Because it was our first Christmas as digital nomads, Mike and I had decided that it would be nice to have a lunch out somewhere. Here’s where we went.




We had intended to have our Christmas lunch at an Iraqi buffet but our plans didn’t quite turn out the way we intended. Fortunately we found an alternative and ended up having a really great time. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too. Happy holidays!



What did you think of my Christmas lunch? Have you tried anything similar? Tell me all about it down below.



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