The Coolest Coffee In Chiang Mai



I don’t put all of my vlogs up on my website (I leave a lot of my “what I did today” content on my YouTube channel, if you want to see more!), but I have decided to share this one with you! The reason for that is not only was it a great day but I felt that I really shared a few gems of Chiang Mai with you that might not be so easy to find on your own. Take a look.




Firstly we had a coffee at Ristr8o, which I personally think is the best coffee place in the whole city. Then we went on to have lunch at Imm Aim, a lovely vegetarian restaurant in Santitham, a neighbourhood not explored by a lot of visitors. Finally we ducked into Thanin Market again, which you saw in a previous entry.

If you are in or heading to Chiang Mai, I really hope you’ll check these places out. They were a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.



Over to you! Have you been to any of the places we visited in this vlog? Do you have any hidden gems of Chiang Mai to share? Let’s discuss it all below.



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