Beautiful Pai (Day 1)



Pai in the mountains of northern Thailand, not far from Chiang Mai, is simply…Pairadise! Seriously, it’s so beautiful, especially in winter when there are lovely sunny days with blue skies followed by chilly nights and brisk mornings. It’s so peaceful and after being there only a few hours I was exploring the possibility of staying there long term. Mike and I visited for a few days to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary and have a nice break after a few months of hard work. Here’s how our first day in Pai went.




The road to Pai is famous for it’s windiness and constant turns (people who suffer from travel sickness often have a really tough time of it!). But it’s also incredibly beautiful. There are so many vistas and photo opportunities – if you are heading up on your own on a motorbike or in a car, be sure to stop and get a few shots.



We were staying at Pairadise Guesthouse (yep, I know, I stole the term for my introductory paragraph, lol).  It was absolutely gorgeous, with hammocks on the porch of each bungalow set around a lake filled with huge fish. You’ll get more of a look at it in the next few vlogs. It was a short walk out of town (less than one kilometre) and we adored walking through the rice paddies and over the river to get back into town every morning and every evening. It was so peaceful but so close to everything.

We spent some time relaxing at our gorgeous accommodation and then wandered back into town to take a look at the famous Pai Walking Street. We love the Walking Street! So much great food (yes, vegan options!) for such a good cheap price. Over winter, the height of tourist season, there are also a lot of people in town. Some people don’t like crowds, but the benefit of there being so many people is the market is bigger and more bustling. I really enjoyed it every night that we went.






Have you ever been to Pai? What did you get up to and where did you stay? If you haven’t been, how does it sound to you? Leave a comment and let me know!



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