Veganerie Vegan Bakery Bangkok (+ Khao San Road)


I made my first trip to Veganerie after I arrived in Bangkok on the overnight bus from Khao Lak. I’ll be completely honest with you; Veganerie is the main reason I went to Bangkok in the first place. That sounds extreme, but nobody who has been to Veganerie would ever doubt the merits of such a decision!



In fact, I considered getting a hotel much closer to the store just for ease of access. My husband suggested I just take a sleeping bag and sleep there right in the bakery…he was joking, but if Veganerie was a hostel I’d totally stay there.

You have simply got to get to Veganerie at some point if you are passing through Bangkok (and this goes double if you are vegan!) There are now multiple locations, but the original is found at Mercury Ville, just next to Chid Lom BTS station, along Sukhumvit Road. I definitely do not recommend you take a taxi there if you are staying around the Khao San area, like I did – it’s going to cost you so much and will be so difficult to get there in traffic. It’s much easier and cheaper to take the BTS.



Have you ever been to Veganerie? Have you ever been anywhere similar? Let me know about your experiences in the comments!



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