Veganerie Concept – A Sneak Peek!


Choc mint smoothie at Veganerie Concept, Bangkok

Choc mint smoothie – mmm!


About three weeks ago, I passed through Bangkok (and soon I will share the reason why!) If you follow me on social media, you will already know where I’m going with this…yes, for me and plenty of other vegans, no trip to Bangkok is complete without at least one visit to the scrumptious Veganerie!



I first visited Veganerie in October on my way to Chiang Mai, and shortly I will bring you that video – however I wanted to show you this one today because firstly, there is a lot of buzz about Veganerie’s latest restaurant, Veganerie Concept. Secondly the owner is such a sweet lady and I really wanted to help her out by spreading the word about the new venue as soon as I possibly could.


veganerie concept 1

Red velvet waffles. RED VELVET WAFFLES!!!


So far there have been two Veganerie bakeries and they are utterly deserving of their reputation. Their menu is so delicious and their ice-cream and whipped cream tastes so similar to the dairy versions that even a dedicated omnivore would not be able to tell the difference, in my humble opinion!

This year, however, the company has opened a third restaurant, named Veganerie Concept. It differs from the first two in that, although you can still get the traditional dessert dishes, it also offers savoury fare as well. And oh my goodness – it’s so good.


veganerie concept 2

Our mouthwatering mains


I got the faux chicken pops and fries and my husband got a jackfruit faux pulled pork burger. We chased these with a smoothie and a dessert of waffles each. We were so full afterwards that we almost had to roll home!

The new venue is beautiful and stylishly decorated. It is a little pricier than the average restaurant in Bangkok but I think you’ll agree it is worth it. It has a great ambiance and I loved the little touches, such as the wall full of some of the most popular vegan hashtags. So if you’re eating there and you want to share your food with the world, just look up for ideas!

Two days later we went back to the original Veganerie, where I was able to catch up with Kalayanee, the owner and creator. Kalayanee and I had been friends on Facebook for a while so it was awesome to finally meet her in person. She has such a great vision for spreading the vegan message and her motivation is not just to create good food, but to save the animals and make the entire world a better place.

You can check out a bit of our time together in the video above.



Eventually you will be seeing longer videos of my visits to Veganerie in Bangkok once they go up on my vlog, but that won’t be for some time. So keep an eye out – but in the meantime, I hope the little sneak peek in this post and video have been enough to entice you. If you are passing through Bangkok, or if you live there, you really should get along to the new location – it is truly lovely.

Thanks to Kalayanee for having me as your guest on my second visit – of course, all opinions are my own!


And now it’s your turn! Have you been to Veganerie Concept yet and do you agree with my mini review? Is it somewhere you would like to go? Do you have any similar places in your neck of the woods that it reminds you of? Let’s share tips below!



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