Why My Roof Supposedly Leaked


So after my last video where my bathroom ceiling was leaking, I finally did get an explanation as to what had happened.



Needless to say I am not buying it! First of all, if the tap was running all night wouldn’t one of the adults realise it? And if they were home wouldn’t they hear the door knocks and the phone calls? So therefore,¬†why was my neighbour mystified the next morning? And if it was still running in the morning, why did the water stop after the fixit guys worked on it earlier? Also, how could water running in a tiled area possibly cause an overflow into the apartment below? The water would go down the pipes…like it’s designed to….???



Oh well. Smile and nod and move on Karyn.



So what do you think really happened? Any theories? Have you had any ridiculous situations where somebody told you such an obvious lie? Tell me all about it below!



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