Lost At Chiang Mai University (& Travel Blogger Party!)


So immediately after my previous vlog, I took off looking for a vegan restaurant that Happy Cow claimed was inside the university. Unfortunately I got a wee bit lost along the way.



I still have no idea where that damn restaurant is! None of the Happy Cow maps match the real-life maps so I seriously have no clue. Or maybe I just can’t read maps. Yeah, it’s probably that. Oh well.

In the end, I caved and discovered the gorgeous Anchan Vegetarian restaurant, which I now eat at regularly (seriously, so yum!) That night I relaxed a little bit hanging out with some other travel bloggers which was a lot of fun (turns out, this can be a very social town to live in!)



Over to you! Have you ever been hopelessly lost somewhere? Do you know what restaurant I’m talking about? Am I right in thinking there is a secret dimension inside Chiang Mai University where this vegan restaurant is hidden? Tell me in the comments.



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