My Roof Is Gonna Cave In!!!


Life as a digital nomad isn’t all roses. Sometimes you come home after an evening out to find your bathroom ceiling leaking, and your building refuses to do anything about it.



Honestly, at first this video started out quite angry because I didn’t know if I was going to need it as evidence in case something happened. Later on I was able to laugh about it, but at the time it was super frustrating. In a building where I pay as much rent as I pay here, I should not be told that a leaking roof “will be fixed tomorrow” on the grounds that “the manager is on holiday”.

In the end they were able to stop the dripping but the true cause of the leak was not revealed until the morning. (“Revealed”). So check out that one.



What do you think was really going on here? Have you had a similar experience where your building or landlord refused to fix something that urgently needed fixing? Let me know all about it in the comments.



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