What Is Paganism?


As I mentioned in my end of 2015 post, I really want to get into some more spiritual topics with you this year, especially on my YouTube channel. But in order to do that I’ve really got to start at the very beginning and explain to you what it is I believe!



I do plan to have an entire section on my site devoted to spirituality (as you may have spotted) but so far I haven’t really sat down and started to talk to you about it much. I’ve made a few blog posts about it and mentioned it in passing, but so far that’s it. I guess part of this is the fact that it is such a huge topic; it really is difficult to know where to start when talking about my spiritual life, and to be honest it’s easier just to write and make videos about beaches and bus trips instead.

But as I said, where can you start but at the start? Although I discussed the history of Celtic paganism in my blog post that I just linked above, that really was like starting a few chapters into a book; paganism is bigger and more general than that and it needed a wider definition. So I made the above video about it, to explain what the word actually means (and, why the pagan community is so incredibly diverse!)


What Is Paganism? What exactly is this nature-based spiritual path all about, and is it right for you?


Now I want to hear from you! Do you identify as pagan or are you on a nature-based spiritual path? Do you agree with my thoughts that the divine is presented to us in nature? Let’s chat about it in the comments!




  1. that explains it nice and clearly. Thank you Karyn

  2. I cannot express the relief I felt as I watched this video. I have been unhappy with the religion I was raised with, Christianity, for a while now and have been searching for something that held the same beliefs that I have. Now I have found what I’ve been searching for, and I thank you for that. I will be looking into your site more in hopes that I can learn more about Paganism. <3

    • Oh Rayne, I am so moved to hear that! I’m so glad I was able to help you find a path that is going to bring you happiness. 🙂 I only wish I had more content on my site about paganism. I will be updating the site shortly but I am putting more of my efforts into my YouTube channel than my website right now – so do be sure and follow me there to see more videos about paganism in the near future. All the best, and please do let me know if you have any questions or need any more guidance on anything. xx

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