The Phi Phi Islands – Part 2



There’s no doubt that when it comes to beauty, Phi Phi Ley has an embarrassment of riches. In my last video, I showed you Maya Bay and Loh Samah Bay, and for some people seeing these would be enough. But there is more to the island than just these two gorgeous places.



After we left Straight Rock, just outside of Loh Samah Bay, we moved on to Pilay Lagoon. The lagoon is perfect for swimming and the shallower parts are great for snorkelling too.

Following this we went on to Viking Cave and stopped just nearby to do some more snorkelling. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of rubbish in the water there – I do think this was an out-of-the-ordinary incident caused by the monsoon tides though, so please don’t let it put you off going to the area. However, if you have been following me for a while you will know that marine debris is something I am passionate about, and things like this are just symptomatic of a much larger problem, so please let’s all continue to try to reduce our plastic use.

After our snorkel we moved on to Phi Phi Don where we met some gorgeous monkeys (for those worried about the feeding, yes I agree – keep an eye out for a post about that soon!) We then finished up our morning with lunch at beautiful Bamboo Island.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Part 3 will be up very soon.


Once again, just like in 2012, I was a paying customer of Simba Sea Trips and received nothing for featuring them in any of my posts or videos. I just think they’re really cool.


The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand - Part 2. Pilay Lagoon, Viking Cave and wild monkeys.


What did you think of this video? Do you have any strong feelings regarding the marine debris or monkey feeding? I would love to hear your opinions.



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