10 Affirmations That Got Me Through Cancer Treatment




Experiencing cancer is like being in the middle of a whirlwind. Events are spinning faster than you can control, and you can find yourself lost in a storm of thoughts, positive and negative, that make it really hard to stay grounded and steady. For me, the only thing that kept me sane were the affirmations I diligently repeated to myself whenever I felt my fears rising. Because they worked for me, I thought I would share them with all of you here, in the hopes that they may help any of you who might also be going through a health issue.


These affirmations got me through my cancer treatment and I'd love to share them with you. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/

These affirmations each had their time and place. Some of them I repeated as part of a daily ritual. Others, I simply kept on hand so I could go over them whenever I felt my fears rising. Some of them I had to use in direct response to very specific fears, and others are more general. They all, however, helped me greatly and assisted me to endure everything with a relatively sunny disposition.

I have chosen to make these images Pinterest-sized for easy pinning, but you are welcome to share them elsewhere too. If you resonate with any of these or you think they may help somebody you know, please do pass them along and spread the positivity!

Let’s get started!


1. “Every cell in my body contributes to the wellbeing of the whole”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


This was the first affirmation that I began saying, and I actually started saying it long before I even had a diagnosis.

I’m not a doctor, but I do have qualifications in the health field. I can tell you that the human body is such an amazingly complex balance of various cells, each performing a function that collectively keeps us in homeostasis – a word which literally means “stable human”. Add our mental, emotional and spiritual stability into the mix and you can see just what a delicate thing health really is.

Sometimes our bodies do weird things or respond in odd ways that we just don’t understand or like. But these functions and reactions are part of a bigger plan. These manifestations show us where we have too much or not enough of something. And sometimes things happen in our bodies to help us heal emotionally, to teach us a spiritual lesson or to become a catalyst for improvement elsewhere in our lives.

When I first became concerned about the lump on my arm, I immediately realised that my holistic wellbeing was the end goal. It wasn’t enough just to get the lump out of me; I had to recognise what the lump was trying to teach me, and love and honour it for serving a purpose. And I had to instruct my entire body that everything it did – whatever it did – had to ultimately result in the perfect wellbeing of all of me; mind, body and soul.


2. “Every cell in my body is healthy and well”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


The Law of Attraction is powerful. Even if you don’t believe in it from a spiritual perspective, but rather a scientific perspective, we can all agree that our brains are so amazingly powerful that they have the potential to reshape our health. This can come about through subconsciously (or consciously) encouraging us to make healthier choices, or through other ways that are still being scientifically proven. Either way, the brain is amazing.

As I mentioned above, homeostasis is the state of human stability, where all the cells and organs and systems work harmoniously together. Putting my faith in my brain’s power to change me, and affirming my body’s continued harmony with this very simple idea of all-over health, gave me a lot of peace at a time when it was very tempting to afraid.


3. “I choose to be here. Wellness is my choice”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


As a teenager I suffered from clinical depression, and this very unpleasant condition has reared it’s head again several times in my life since then. There have been moments when I, like I’m sure many of you, felt it would be easier to just give up. I felt the things I was expected and obligated to do just to survive in this world were too huge, and even when I felt strong, I looked at the cruelty of people and I thought, “Nup. This planet is not for me. I can’t do life as a human being – in fact, I’m leaving and I’m never coming back”.

After being diagnosed with lymphoma I wondered if, during my depression, I manifested a bit of an exit point for myself – a chance to bow out of this life. But when I was face to face with the opportunity to quit the planet, I realised just how much I wanted to stay here. To continue growing and learning, even if it was painful and unpleasant. Put simply, I’m choosing to stay.

That means that I’ve made the choice to live and, as such, I’ve made the choice to be well.

I’m not saying that people who pass away or are sick have consciously chosen not to live or thrive. That’s a bit of a complicated topic, and one we need to show great sensitivity to when discussing. But no matter what you believe about the Law of Attraction, at the very least humans have the ability to decide where we want to be, instead of simply being the victims of circumstance. And there’s a great deal of power in that.


4. “Life is a classroom. Stay in school”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


This one follows on from the previous affirmation, and it is not so much an affirmation itself, as it is a slightly cheesy quote.  However, it’s one that popped into my head and helped me regardless.

As I mentioned above, I made the choice to just be here. To stay on the planet and keep learning even though learning sometimes sucks.

Coming from a spiritual angle, the truth is that Earth is an amazing place to grow and gather experience. We might not find all of the lessons easy and we might feel we’re getting a big fat F in every subject, but we’re going through amazing growth just by being here. We may want to quit this school called life – but if we just stay enrolled, just for a moment longer, we may master those difficult and painful lessons. And then we’ll be glad we stuck it out.

Give the school of life one more go.


5. “I have everything I need to be here, right now, in this time and space”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


When you are undergoing cancer treatment, most of your fear centres around the future. Am I going to survive this? Is the treatment going to be successful? What if the cancer comes back? What if I can’t afford further treatment? What if illness stops me from working? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I can’t provide for my family? What if the worst happens and I pass away and my partner and/or children are devastated?

There are so many inescapable what-ifs – and yes, they are something that at some point you may need to devote some thought to. It never hurts to have another safety net or back-up plan set up.

However, all we really have is this present moment. The here and now. The past is gone and the future is not certain; only what’s here right now is real.

It did me a great deal of good to take stock of what I had right now. Every day when I walked into the waiting room to get my radiotherapy, I was struck by how good I had it. I coped really well with the treatment and I was surrounded by so much support. So every day when I stood in that changeroom I would look at myself in the mirror and think, “Wow. I really, really do have everything I need to be here, right now, in this present moment”. And the future didn’t really matter, because…well, it wasn’t here yet.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t think about the future. I’m all about thinking about the future. But we can simultaneously let go, and focus on the here and now. When we do this, we realise just how sufficient everything is for what we need to just be here in this current moment.


6. “I live in a way that completely supports the health of my body, mind and soul”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


Sometimes to achieve and maintain health we have to do something drastic. Usually, though, it is the little things we do day in and day out that contribute to wellness.

Affirming that we choose healthful living habits reprograms our subconscious mind to always choose the healthy option. Being healthier during and after our treatment supports our bodies as they fight cancer, giving us the best possible chance now and in the future – even in cancers that are not proven not to be lifestyle related. This is particularly helpful if we have anxiety about relapsing.

Yes, after treatment we will still be confronted with work and personal commitments that get in the way. But if our subconscious mind holds our health as a priority, we will find ways to work around and carve new paths through the clutter of our lives so that we can maintain wellness.

Sometimes it’s our conscious minds that need to get the message, too. Remembering every day that you are worthy of complete health and that you deserve the benefits that a long walk, healthy food, meditation or a good laugh can bring could mean the difference between thriving and merely getting by. You are a full person, so you must retrain yourself to take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as your physical body.

(Oh and by the way? I’m preaching to myself on this one. This is an affirmation I still need to say all the time).


7. “I create only good things for myself”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


Cancer is tiring and draining. It takes up your time and energy and brings on a flurry of emotion, much of it negative. Even if your journey is brief and fortunate, like mine was, you’ve will still find yourself in the position of having endured more than you can really put into words. You deserve a rest, both physically and energetically.

Declaring that you only create good things for yourself is a way to program your mind to bring on the new set of positive circumstances you so thoroughly deserve. No more putting up with suboptimal conditions or being at the bottom of your own priority list. You deserve good things, and it’s about time you went and got them.

Creating good things doesn’t just involve consciously looking for things that boost your vibe. Creation is what we do subconsciously every day when we manifest our goals, turning thought into reality. It is ongoing and it results in the good as well as the bad. So if you accidentally created yourself into a crappy situation because you didn’t fully understand how much power you had, that’s ok. Now that you know, you can go ahead and begin directing your thoughts towards positivity, and in doing so, create a good future for yourself.

Stop worrying about the bad stuff you’ve attracted to yourself. Stop clinging on to the things that don’t make you happy or which cause you stress. Let them go and decide that, starting right now, the things you create for yourself will be positive.


8. “I choose the wealth of health and the health of wealth”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


Wealth and abundance take many forms. One such form is health.

Those who have serious illnesses or health conditions can tell you that when you lose your good health, you lose other things as well. Ill health costs you energy, time, happiness, freedom, pleasure, opportunity, experience and money. Conversely, being well brings all these things to you. To be healthy is to be abundant.

Likewise, being in a good state financially is a sign of health also. This doesn’t mean that if you’ve got bills to pay you’re sick. Bills are part of life! What I am referring to here is the fact that when we are suffering from a mentality of lack, we are not approaching life in a healthy way. Keep a good attitude about your money, affirm that you have more than you need, and this healthy attitude will attract a good financial situation to you.

On a practical level, it is easier (not impossible – just easier) to maintain our health if we have the disposable income to devote to it. Similarly, having all we need financially can go a very long way to reducing anxiety and stress; with all the cares that life lays on us, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about! So affirming that you have all you need financially, and thereby creating a healthy financial situation, can be a great help to your mental health and better enable you to take care of your physical health.


9. “I am well. I am well. I am well”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


Sometimes the best affirmation is the most simple.

It’s important to be specific when telling the Universe what you’d like to attract, but the more words we put into an affirmation, the more diluted the message sometimes becomes. Keep things simple.

At the end of the day, what is it you want? You want to be ok, right?

Simply affirming that you are completely well takes good care of all of the specifics.

This affirmation also gave me a great deal of peace and calmed me down when I got anxious. Repeating it compounded my sense of calm, and as I am a pagan witch and believe in the power of the number three, it gave me more assurance to say the words thrice over.


10. “Thank you for my healing”.


Affirmations for health and wellness - gratitude is everything. Feel free to share. Read more: http://www.thelostlemurian.com/2015/10/10-affirmations-that-got-me-through-cancer-treatment/


This is the absolute best, most important affirmation of all of them.

Understand this: Gratitude is everything.

Viewing everything from a spiritual angle, I came to view my time in the radiotherapy centre as sacred. The hospital was my healing temple and I approached it with reverence. The radiotherapy technicians were the priests and priestesses – even if they weren’t aware of it – and as such I treated them with great respect. Those who shun Western medicine may find it difficult to agree with this attitude, but magic comes in many forms and when we are grateful for what we have, that’s when the doors to manifestation open.

Every day when I entered the radiotherapy centre I would take a deep breath and remind myself that I was walking into my healing temple. I called on angelic energies, in particular Archangel Raphael who is the Archangel of healing, to come and be present with me. I would get my assigned white bathrobe out of my locker and get changed and put all my belongings into a basket. Then, before I left the change room stall, I would look at myself in the mirror, smile, and say to Raphael, the Universe and to myself, “Thank you for my healing”, as if it had already happened.

I would then rest and relax in the waiting room. Usually I’d have my nose in a book, but often I’d stare at the beautiful beach pictures on the wall, promising myself that not only was I going to survive, I was going to thrive enough to go and visit those beaches myself. I would imagine my toes in the cool sand, hear the sound of the waves crashing, and feel the sun on my skin, and I would repeat, “Thank you for my healing” as many times as I felt I needed to. Eventually the lovely technicians would call me in and treat me, and then, once we were done, I would go back to the change room stall.

There once more, before putting my clothes back on, I would smile at myself in the mirror and say to Archangel Raphael, the Universe and myself, “Thank you for my healing”. This time it was not only an affirmation of my overall recovery, but an affirmation of the effectiveness of the treatment that had just happened to me. I thanked Raphael that whatever effect the radiation was having on my body was working out for my best good, and I gave him full permission to use the doctors and therapists’ expertise to bring healing to me.

When you are going through anything difficult, say thank you for the situation’s resolution as if it has already happened. This gratitude will attach to the positive final outcome you desire, and propel you forward to it like a rubber band snapping back into place. Having a heart full of gratitude also opens our hearts and removes any blockages to the things we desire, whether that be healing or any other circumstances we need help with.


Now it’s your turn!

What affirmations do you use or have you used to get yourself through health issues? Have your or anybody you know used a particular quote to get through cancer? Do any of my affirmations speak to you in particular? (And please let me know if you have shared any of them – I would love to hear your story).




  1. These affirmations are very powerful. Having gone through a cancer journey with my father (who sadly lost his fight not that long ago) I can imagine how powerful they would have been during your treatment. Here’s to many years of health and wellness for you!
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted…I must confess…one year since I left workMy Profile

  2. Affirmations, I use them often but mostly with my kids. Every night before bed we talk about how smart, amazing, kind, generous and confident they each are. I ask them to repeat after me and we walk together through the affirmations, then I ask if they want to add anything to the words we have picked.
    I affirm myself when I am down. It’s a personal one I made for myself that highlights my strengths and gives me the ability to keep on.
    Love your health affirmations.

    • Wow Paula that sounds like a such a positive wonderful thing you are doing with your children. That’s going to really equip them with great self-esteem and teach them how to reach their potential. Fantastic! xx

  3. these are lovely 🙂 i will share with some friends.

  4. This was just the post i needed to read today,, thank you!
    Your positivity is incredible.
    ann recently posted…Things I Know #78- My week in Facey postsMy Profile

    • I hope the post really helped you Ann. Feel free to pinch the pictures and keep them in case you need them in future. *hugs*

  5. Affirmations are so powerful. When I left my abusive husband and we ended up robbed and homeless I kept repeating to myself my favourite quote “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” by Carl Jung.

    Also, gratitude does wonders.
    Kylie Travers recently posted…Time Saving Tips from Time Stylers at the AusMumpreneur Conference #AusMum15My Profile

    • Wow, what an awful situation Kylie, I’m so sorry you had to go through that! But that’s an amazing quote. I will definitely keep it in mind!

  6. I don’t use affirmations personally but the second one reminded me of a story I’ve read a few times. A university lecturer wanted to demonstrate to his class the power of suggestion and how our minds can trick us. He picked a student who was running late to the class and told his other students to ask her how she was feeling throughout the day, while also making observations (you look tired etc). By the end of the day this student who was perfectly healthy that morning had talked herself into being unwell and went home early.
    Tegan recently posted…5 tips for long distance travel with kidsMy Profile

    • That’s such a powerful story Tegan! The brain really is so strong, isn’t it? This is why I subscribe to the Law of Attraction – it may be a spirit thing, it may be a physical thing, I personally think it’s both. Either way, anything we can conceive, we can bring to pass. 😀

    • How interesting Tegan. I much like you and don’t use affirmations, although the business course I’m enrolled in seems to be full of them, so I’m slowly warming and finding my favourites.

      Great post Karyn. Thanks for sharing on Blog Exchange. 🙂
      Raychael aka Mystery Case recently posted…Event Ready in 5 (when you’re not looking or feeling the part)My Profile

      • Thanks Raychael! I find affirmations really work better the more you use them – I’d love to hear from you in a few months and see if you feel they have worked for you. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I think you make some really great points here with your affirmations. My favorite is probably the one about how you were *choosing* to stay and that wellness is your choice. My boyfriend doesn’t have functioning kidneys and is undergoing dialysis five days a week until they can match him with a donor, and he too has to remind himself that even though dialysis is miserable that it’s something he is choosing because the alternative is so much worse.

    Great, inspirational post. 🙂
    Fox recently posted…Jamberry: They love me, they love me notMy Profile

    • I’m sorry your boyfriend is going through such a challenging time Fox! I wish him all the strength he needs in his choice to remain here. *hugs*

  8. Positive thinking and gratitude are very powerful indeed. Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes I feel you need them more after the crisis when things have calmed down, that’s when you need to remind you self that you or your loved one is okay and how grateful you are for that.

    • I totally know what you mean Tam. Sometimes when everything has calmed down it really hits you that something so big happened to you, and you have to stay as positive as possible to kind of process it all and heal mentally.

  9. Great post, Karyn. I’m passing on to a friend who has breast cancer.

  10. Very powerful affirmations. These are great and a great resource for others to draw on – even those not going through cancer or illness but may be facing other challenges.
    I love the idea of affirmations but I have never been able to get into the habit of using them. Perhaps when the time is right and they are really needed I will.
    Sam – Journo and the Joker recently posted…All aboard the bamboo train for Battambang’s unique train journeyMy Profile

    • I definitely have found that it took a serious situation to get me to say affirmations regularly! It can be easy to forget to say them when everything’s peachy. Not to worry – now that you know how effective they can be you will know you can draw on them if you ever need to. Thanks Sam! 🙂

  11. These affirmations are beautiful Karyn. The closest I have to an affirmation is my believe that everything happens for a reason. Whether it makes sense in the now or not it is meant to happen and the reason often unfolds later x

    • That’s a brilliant affirmation Samantha! If is really resonates with you, that’s an indication that you’re meant to rely on it. 🙂

  12. Wow Karyn, you really are amazing. I am amazed at how well you’ve carried yourself through this difficult time. I know that when I’m down I just stop caring, it’s almost like I don’t WANT to feel better. Of course I pull through fine and it’s nothing like cancer, but I’m afraid I would just lay down and totally give up. This post is just so inspiring. And I know affirmations and gratitude work, I just wish I was better at doing them.
    Candace recently posted…Worth the Splurge: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney WorldMy Profile

    • Thank you Candace! Yes it was very hard at times but I feel like I had no choice, it was either be positive or give up. 🙂 Yep I know what you mean, it can be really easy to slide into that completely stagnant place of almost not even wanting to pull yourself up. And affirmations take practice, so if you worked on doing them every day I’m sure eventually they’d be second nature. xx

  13. These are all so powerful, and I believe in the healing power of our minds, positivity and the universe. I wish more medical professionals would use things like this as part of their approach. Hope you’re still feeling well!
    Katie recently posted…Day Trip From Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State ParkMy Profile

    • Thanks Katie! Yep, I’d love to see this sort of thing used as part of treatment. Already the cancer centre I was treated at uses meditation and talks about staying positive so who knows, in 20 years affirmations may be much more widely used in supportive medicine.

  14. What a great mindset you have. xx amazing one you.
    tamzen temple recently posted…List of CatsMy Profile

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